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ABUS Folding lock Bordo Combo 6100 – Hardened

ABUS Folding lock Bordo Combo 6100 – Hardened steel combination lock – ABUS -Safety level 9 – length 90 cm

  • SAFE & FLEXIBLE foldable lock with ABUS -Security level 9 – good protection to protect against medium risk of theft
  • NUMERIC CODE 4-digit, individually adjustable code – allows keyless opening of the bicycle lock
  • STURDY 5 mm thick bars and the housing are made of specially hardened steel – the bars are connected by special rivets
  • PRODUCT DETAILS Combination lock Bordo Combo 6100/90 – length 90 cm, weight 1160 g, color black, without bracket
  • SHEATHING The bars are surrounded by extra soft coating to protect the wheel from paint damage

ABUS Bordo 6100 – foldable lock with desired code

Do you want to use your bicycle lock with several people? Or do you often not think about taking a bowl with you? With the Bordo Combo 6100 folding lock, you save yourself the hassle of handing over keys. You can’t forget the key either. Open the folding lock with a numerical code, easily without a key.

Five-millimeter thick bars and a hardened steel housing stand in the thief’s way. The steel rods are connected by special rivets, which make it even more difficult to break open. However, the lock is not only secure, but also easy to handle. It is easy to unlock with a 4-digit code of your choice. So that you can read the numbers permanently, ABUS with the 2-component number rollers to ensure that they don’t fade. The numbers are not printed on, instead, the rollers consist of two combined components. In order to protect the bike from scratches when connected to the lock, the bars have an extra soft coating. So united ABUS Safety, quality and comfort in one lock.

Bordo wheel lock series
The folding locks of the “Bordo” series offer the optimum symbiosis of strength, flexibility, weight and transport dimensions.

More product benefits:
➦ ABUS -Safety level 9 = protects good two-wheelers with a medium risk of theft
➦ Made in Germany

Size: 90 cm
Dimensions: 22.4 x 9.4 x 4 cm; 1.09 Kilograms
Brand: ABUS
Model: 88888
Colour: Black
Manufacture: ABUS
Colour: Black
Department: Unisex
Department: Unisex
Size: 90 cm

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