Bluespot: 5G-ready outdoor antenna for UK

Bluespot: 5G-ready outdoor antenna for UK broadband

Bluespot: 5G-ready outdoor antenna for UK broadband, 4G + 5G support, cross-polarised, high gain & weatherproof, pole mou

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  • Bluespot is a highly directional 4G/5G antenna, and you’ll need to point it towards your nearest mobile phone tower. We can help with this! Each antenna comes with a free virtual site survey, and advice on where to aim it is included!
  • Compact, sleek design: 30 x 19 x 7 cm. Comes with a pole mounting kit to attach the antenna to a satellite or TV antenna pole. Note, the wall mounting kit and pole mounting kit are not interchangeable.
  • 45° beam angle in the horizontal and vertical directions. 7.5dBi gain for 4G; 8.5dBi gain on 5G frequencies
  • Works with both 4G and 5G internet routers, boosting signal in areas with poor reception
  • Next-generation integrated antenna design is highly sensitive in the new 3400Mhz – 3800Mhz 5G frequency band, as well as 3G and 4G frequencies. Supports the 695 – 960Mhz / 1400Mhz – 1600Mhz / 1700Mhz / 1800Mhz / 2100Mhz – 2600Mhz / 3400Mhz – 3800Mhz bands.
  • Cross-polarised – twice the speed and reliability compared with single-output models
  • Easy-to-understand instructions included, and after-sales support provided
  • 5 metres of coaxial cable (permanently attached to the antenna), with SMA connectors for connection to most router types. Includes TS9 adapters; supports routers with SMA or TS9 connectors.
  • We don’t recommend you use this antenna with additional extension cables, as the 4G/5G signal level will be reduced by the cable. However, we can recommend appropriate cable for short extensions if needed.
  • Important note for the Huawei 5G CPE Pro, 5GEE and ZTE MC801a routers: antenna ports on the back of these routers are 5G-only. In 4G areas, where there is no 5G coverage, external antennas will not work correctly unless the router is modified. Our support team can advise on alternative options if needed.

Dimensions: 32 x 6.6 x 20.5 cm; 1.6 Kilograms
Manufacture: Paradar
Origin: United Kingdom

Product Description

BLUESPOT5G antenna5G antenna5G antenna wall mount kit

Detailed instructions, support, and remote site survey included

Whether or not you're a tech wizard, detailed installation instructions are included with every antenna. Each kit also includes a virtual site survey to determine the best direction to point your antenna, based on the locations of mobile network cell towers near you.

Supported 4G/5G routers

BT 4G Home Hub (Bluespot 4G/5G only)
Three 4G Hub (Bluespot 4G/5G only), HomeFi, 5G Hub, 5G Home
Vodafone Gigacube (Bluespot 4G/5G only), GigaCube 5G
EE 4GEE Home Router (Bluespot 4G/5G only), 5GEE Home Router
Huawei (Bluespot 4G/5G only) B310, B311, B315, B525, B528, B535
Huawei 5G CPE Pro / H112-370 / H112-372, B618

Please check the connector type required for your 4G/5G router! The Bluespot and Bluespot Mini both have SMA male connections (and the 4G/5G model includes TS9 adapters), so you'll need an SMA or TS9 female connector on your router.

  • The Bluespot 4G/5G antenna includes SMA and TS9 connectors in the box.
  • The Bluespot Mini 5G antenna includes SMA connectors only (SMA-TS9 adapter sold separately).

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