Renegade GK Eclipse Professional Goalie Gloves

Renegade GK Eclipse Professional Goalie Gloves (Sizes 7-12

Renegade GK Eclipse Professional Goalie Gloves (Sizes 7-12, 6 Styles, Level 5) 4mm EXT Contact Grip | Pro Goalkeeper Gloves for Elite Play | Maximum Grip, Protection, & Comfort | Adults, Youth

  • PROFESSIONAL LEVEL: The new RGK Eclipse series is our 1st truly pro-level goalie gloves. These gloves were designed from the ground up using feedback from pro keepers combined with the best materials and construction methods we know of. We’re not claiming it’s the best glove on the market, but we’ll put it up against any competitor in a head to head.
  • TRUSTED BY THE PROS: RGK gloves are designed to perform and built to last. If NPSL and WPSL pro keepers trust RGK gloves to make the save, so can you. Renegade GK is the official GK glove of both the NPSL and WPSL, which are the largest professional football leagues in the U.S. consisting of over 240 teams combined.
  • Fastening: Hook
  • Ambush (Fingersave)
  • PRO-LEVEL GRIP PERFORMANCE & CONTROL: All Eclipse gloves use high-performance German EXT Contact Grip latex, which is the standard for professional level goalie gloves. This plus other upgrades like the extended palm, 180° thumb wrap, and pre-arched palm instantly improve grip and ball control.
  • LEADING SAFETY PROTECTION: The Eclipse’s composite 4+3MM latex palms and Breathaprene backhand with rubber ridges provide extra shock absorption and ball control, while the extended cuff and 6CM 360° Duratek strap give excellent wrist support. All Rogue models also have the ability to add RGK’s Pro-Tek Pro fingersaves if they are not already included.
  • SUPERIOR VALUE & COMFORT: We’ve tried to pack as much value into every RGK glove regardless of play level, while ensuring that they are comfortable. The Eclipse’s breathaprene unibody design ensures a great form fit, maximum breathability, while the unique extended palm design puller makes them easy to put on.

We have a pretty simple philosophy at Renegade GK, make the best valued gloves that we can at each player level while offering amazing customer service. It’s about maximizing performance, not our profits. Every goalkeeper should have access to great gloves without breaking the bank. After all, we’re keepers too.

Wearing great goalie gloves makes a big difference for players at all levels. Let’s face it, playing goalkeeper is arguably the hardest position to play in football. Goalies have to be confident, mentally tough, agile, and have good hands. Their most important tool besides their brains is unquestionably their gloves. We won’t claim that Renegade GK gloves will make every player a star keeper. What we can promise is the R-GK gloves will improve a player’s confidence, performance, and lessen the chance for injury. Knowing that you’re wearing gloves with the latest safety, design, and construction methods makes a big difference in how you play

Eclipse Glove Specs:

  • Level – Professional (Level 5)
  • Palm – German 4+3MM EXT Contact Composite Latex
  • MICROBE-GUARD – Yes (some models)
  • Backhand 1 – Injected Molded Rubber
  • Backhand 2 (Body) – 6MM Composite Breathaprene
  • Bandage + Strap – Breathaprene with Elastic Slit + 6CM Pro-Strap
  • Fingersaves – Both with Pro-Tek (Removable) & Without
  • Wraps – 180° Thumb Wrap
  • Strap Rubber Pull Tab – Yes
  • Extended Palm – Yes


NOTE: Please refer to the Renegade GK Glove Sizing chart to issue proper fitting.

Legal Disclaimer

Renegade GK gloves are designed to improve goalkeeper performance and provide some protection, but injuries may still occur. The purchaser/wearer assumes all risks and liabilities with wearing and using this product.

Dimensions: 28.3 x 14 x 7.8 cm; 317.51 Grams
Model: Ambush (Fingersave)
Manufacture: Renegade GK
Department: Unisex-Youth
Department: Unisex-Youth
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