ABUS CityChain 1010 Chain Lock, Hardened Steel

ABUS CityChain 1010 Chain Lock

ABUS CityChain 1010 Chain Lock, Hardened Steel Bicycle Lock, 9 mm Hexagonal Chain, ABUS Security Level 12, Black

  • Robust bicycle lock with ABUS security level 12: Thanks to the ABUS Plus cylinder, the chain lock with 9 mm thick hexagonal chain protects your bike from lock picking and other tamperings
  • Hardened steel for high safety: High-quality, specially hardened steel is used for the chain, housing and the supporting parts of the locking mechanism
  • User-friendly and intuitive: The protective textile tube protects the bicycle frame from damage to the paintwork Thanks to the automatic cover, the keyhole always remains clean
  • Bicycle lock for high-quality bicycles and e-bikes: CityChain 1010/170: length 170 cm, weight 3200 g, colour black, includes 2 keys
  • Safe, reliable and strong That is what the name ABUS stands for Whether it’s home protection, property security or mobile security: ABUS sets the standard

Padlock-chain combinations are an excellent choice for the protection of motorcycles and scooters. Normally there are usually many options of hooking on the wheels and the frame that allow securing to fixed objects. A vehicle secured with a padlock can not be carried like this; this is a real plus of security. If the possibility exists, a combination of disk and chain lock can also be used. This combination is the so-called “2 in 1” solution. This means that the disc padlock can also be used without a chain, and on short-paced routes it is an ideal companion that can be easily stored.

SKU: B0026B8W0G
Weight: 3.3 Kilograms
Dimensions: 47.5 x 14.5 x 8 cm; 3.3 Kilograms
Model: 12528
Manufacture: ABUS

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