Outdoor Rocking Chair Recliner Indoor Balcony

Outdoor Rocking Chair Recliner Indoor Balcony Leisure Lazy Sofa Chair

Outdoor Rocking Chair Recliner Indoor Balcony Leisure Lazy Sofa Chair, PE Rattan, Garden Rocking Chair, with Cushion and Pillow

  • Material: PE rattan, with high strength and elastic recovery ability, sturdiness and durability, beautiful shape, smooth lines.
  • The product is placed at a flat angle of 15° forward and 30° backward, so that the phenomenon of tilting forward and backward can be avoided more securely when shaking.
  • Aluminum alloy frame: smooth and soft lines, smooth surface, easy to clean and care, not afraid of sunlight and rain, not easy to rust, medium hardness, can be placed outdoors.
  • Our weightless chair does not need to put pressure on the spine, it can help you reduce stress and relax your body completely.
  • It is perfect for relaxing in the garden, taking a lunch break in the office and sunbathing on the balcony.

Sunlight, floor-to-ceiling windows, garden courtyard, rocking chair
Snuggle, swing
Happiness is born

Wood-like aluminum alloy frame, stable and durable, not deformed, easy to clean and take care of
Not easy to rust, can be placed outdoors all year round
Ergonomically designed, the backrest conforms to the structure of the human back, allowing your body to relax deeply.

Package A includes: rocking chair*1, footrest*1
Package B includes: rocking chair*1, footstool*1, coffee table*1

Model: Starfisher

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