SHUITUKOUU Pond Liner,Flexible Liners Black


SHUITUKOUU Pond Liner,Flexible Liners Black Pliable & Durable HDPE Material Pond Liner Heavy Duty Pond Liner Rubber Lining Ponds Pond Plastic Liner,6 * 6m(19.69 * 19.69ft) [Energy Class A]

  • Made of durable thickened HDPE, our pond liners are light and water resistant for long term use in outdoor ponds, fish pond water features, fountains, waterfalls and water gardens, black.
  • FLEXIBLE STRETCH: Ideal for projects under and below reservoirs, groundwater enclosures, and projects such as waterside gardens, fish ponds, and backyard waterfalls, this outdoor pond liner features a gentle slope and smooth profile. Good flexibility allows the pond liner to easily fold and bend into the contours/contours of pond rocks and waterfalls.
  • Durable and safe: high temperature and low temperature resistance, aging resistance, water immersion resistance, UV resistance, high tensile strength, low hardness, good flexibility, no holes, no water leakage, etc., can be effectively used for many years.
  • Protect the pond: Putting our pond pad in the pond can block the water and soil well, avoid the pollution of water resources, and provide a good living environment for the animals and plants in the pond.
  • Pond Liners: Great for water gardens, fish ponds and backyard waterfalls. Works better in sweeping corners, gently sloping sides and bottom transitions; you can also cut to any size for your small pond, easy to install and flexible for a variety of creative designs.

SKU: B09B29GF37
Model: 7593215322–64211598

Product Description

Create your small garden pond

  • Multi-purpose: fish ponds, reservoirs, water conservancy projects, water gardens​​​, roof waterproofing, anti-seepage waterproofing, pond beautification, river slope protection
  • caution:
  • Make sure there are no sharp objects in the area it covers before use.

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