WZYJLyds Waterproof Tarpaulin, Outdoor Clear Tarp

WZYJLyds Waterproof Tarpaulin

WZYJLyds Waterproof Tarpaulin, Outdoor Clear Tarp Curtains with Zipper, Pergola Patio Porch Gazebo PVC Transparent Black Tarpaulin Side Panels with Eyelets, Weatherproof/Customizable

  • ▶ Outdoor curtains:customisable transparent PVC curtains with top and bottom made of scratch-resistant material, customised sizes usually have a margin of error of plus or minus 5 cm
  • ▶ Easy to use:With metal eyelets on the top and sides of the tarp, spaced approximately 30cm apart, our sheer curtains can be installed immediately and will match your porch perfectly. The waterproof tarp has two zips on it and the middle tarp can be rolled up like a door, making it very easy to get in and out
  • ▶ Perfect weather protection:The transparent tarpaulin panels are well protected against strong winds, snow and rain. It can withstand the sun and cold well and will not tear even in cold weather. Stay away from bad weather and enjoy the comfort of the outdoors
  • ▶ Tear-resistant material:the knife cloth prevents tears and damage and guarantees sturdiness. It has good light transmission and strong insulation. No more worrying about damaging your furniture and other outdoor items
  • ▶ Versatile:Outdoor sheer PVC curtains provide a great experience and let the light through, especially in winter. Suitable for awnings, shops, lofts, houses, balconies, plant sheds, carports, both indoors and outdoors

Outdoor Tarpaulin with Clear Panel Curtain

Looking for an outdoor space management solution that keeps the unwanted outer elements at bay? Or seeking an inexpensive alternative to walls to manage your outer space? These Outdoor Commercial Curtains are designed to manage your outer space right from Patio, Porch, to Gazebo, etc . So, get your hands on these high-quality vinyl curtains that will effectively manage to keep the outer elements at bay and the warmth inside.

▶ Product parameters.
Name: Outdoor waterproof curtain
Material: PVC, knife scraped fabric
Colour: black + transparent
Size: length x height
Transparency: 99.99%.
Waterproof index:100%
Thickness: approx. 0.6mm
Weight: approx. 650g/m²
Hole spacing: approx. 30 cm
Inner diameter of eyelet: 16mm
Quantity:1 x tarpaulin side panel

▶ Product Features.
High quality PVC and knife scraped fabric, heat sealed at high temperature, beautiful and durable, soft and foldable, easy to carry.
Waterproof, rainproof, snowproof, frostproof, dustproof, thermal insulation, anti-ageing and tear resistant.
The transparent tarp section in the middle will not block your view and you can manage the outdoor space freely.
Double zip design, the tarp can be unfolded for easy access; with metal grommets for easy installation.

Weight: 2 kg
Brand: WZYJLyds
Model: HSWCQWEBB-LXH-210X250CM(6.9*8.2FT)
Colour: Lxh
Colour: Lxh

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